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Nut Connecting Rod 33221327 Starter Delco TS-1439 Nut Connecting Rod 33221328
Starter Delco Part # TS-1439
Price: $1.00
Core Charge $50.00
Bolt Connecting Rod 0095250 Bolt Connecting Rod 4222485M1 Rod Push 31434307
Spring Valve Outer 0780006 Tappet 31434163 Guide Intake Valve 3343F002
Bushing Connecting Rod 31134131 Spring Valve Inner 31744133 Spring Valve Outer 31745122
Seal Valve 33817117 Guide Exhaust Valve 3343J002 Washer Set Thrust Std Set of 4 31137551/61
Seal Front Crankshaft 2418F436 Valve Exhaust 3142A051 Valve Intake 3142L071
Perkins Operator Manual  MH-O-ENG4108 Seal Rear Crankshaft Viton 303158411 Rings Piston 47P347
Rocker Arm LH 41151483 Rocker Arm RH 41151484 Valve Intake 3142L072
Bearing Set Connecting Rod Std 85043 Lock Valve 0230001 Perkins Parts Manual  MH-P-ENGA6354
Rings Piston 4181A026 Large Diesel Engine Service Manual  SMLDS1 Perkins Service Manual  MH-S-ENGA4300