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Cummins Filtration Fleetguard Filters

Our selection of Fleetguard filter models (manufactured by Cummins Filtration) is extensive, with OEM Cummins filters available here for just about every application imaginable. Cummins is a top name in the industry – its products are used as original equipment for major manufacturers the world over – and its reputation for high-quality, durably made filters is well deserved. Its filters are even backed up by a satisfaction guarantee that extends for the estimated life of the filter on a non-prorated basis.

With more than a thousand entries in our Fleetguard filter category, we’re confident we have the replacement filter you need, whether for your truck, agri or construction equipment, hydraulic and industrial machines, and on- or off-road vehicles of all types. If you have questions, feel free to contact us right here.

If you know the OEM part number for your machine or are using Donaldson filters, WIX filters, NAPA filters or Baldwin filters use Cummins’ Fleetguard® Filters Cross Reference Tool to find the right Fleetguard® filter.

Farm Parts Store is an authorized Cummins Filtration (Fleetguard) dealer. Fleetguard filters are known for high quality to meet high performance requirements of any equipment. As a global supplier to original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket dealer/distributors and thousands of end users, Cummins Filtration offers the broadest product coverage in the industry under the Fleetguard® brand, renowned for innovation and quality.

We offer full line of Fleetguard filters for truck, construction, agricultural, industrial and hydraulic (on- and off-highway) equipment. If you can't find your filter here please call us at 855-814-1515 or Contact Us and we will be able to locate the right filter for you.

You may also check their latest news at Cummins Filtration website or contact Cummins Care at 800-DIESELS (800-223-4583)

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